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Course Description

Join our transformative three-part webinar series tailored for emerging entrepreneurs and small businesses keen on mastering digital marketing. Designed to guide you from the basics to advanced strategies, this series covers everything from creating your buyer persona to optimizing your presence across key digital channels like SEO, paid advertising, and social media. Whether your aim is to drive sales, boost traffic, or enhance brand awareness, gain actionable insights and practical skills to leverage digital marketing for your business success. Start your journey to digital marketing mastery and unlock your business’s full potential.

Meet the Instructor

Ramin Ramhormozi

Ramin is the CEO and Managing Partner at SKU Agency. His 25 years of experience in e-commerce has ranged from operating online retail businesses to launching e-commerce software to providing e-commerce strategy and consultation to companies both big and small. His focus is in the areas of e-commerce operations and digital marketing. Ramin is also the E-commerce Business Advisor for the North Los Angeles SBDC, Long Beach SBDC, and the Northern California SBDC Lead Center.
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Recordings & Presentation Slides