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Operating a Successful Food Biz in a Rising Cost Economy

Rent, labor and supplies are key pressures to financial sustainability & thriving in the hospitality industry. In this seminar we will explore the problems as well as implement tools and strategies to thrive in a rising cost economy. Starting a food business can be daunting in itself. Funding can also be overwhelming and confusing. In this seminar, we will explore how to determine how much money you have and will need, what money is used for and how it functions in your business, and what type of money will best serve your business. We will also cover where and how to get the funds you need for your business.
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Deagon Williams

Deagon Williams is a chef, food consultant, and SBDC advisor. She is a graduate of Mills College with a BA in Sociology and an MBA with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and marketing. A graduate of LaVarenne Culinary School, Deagon was a part of the first wave of American women to climb the ladder in high-end kitchens.

Patrick Jones - Course author