Lesson series

Planning your Business

Create a business plan that meets your needs
“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”

Meet the Presenters

Keith Holtaway

Keith Holtaway is an award winning Bay Area business consultant with a 20-year track record of proven successes. He has helped germinate the seeds of his client's ideas and helped transform them into award-winning and successful, local and nationally recognized businesses. Keith works closely with small and medium sized business and start-ups to quickly get their best thinking in writing and begin seeing results. He works with clients to develop clear, concise and aligned plans for achieving their annual objectives for revenue, profit, cost reduction and other key measurements that are important to the overall success of their business.

Dan Casas-Murray

Dan followed his 11 years of military service by staying in Iraq and starting a Wireless Internet Business there that grew to over $3M in revenues. Back stateside he purchased a small frozen yogurt and cupcake shop in Roseville with his wife and they built up a customer base there. Dan is the founder at The Lean Innovator, an organization that helps entrepreneurs locate and engage with their target markets, enabling them to build a customer base before launching a startup. As an advisor for the Capital Region SBDC, he also helps business clients to employ lean innovation methodologies in a small group or business setting.