Lesson series

Starting a Food Truck

This webinar will help you develop a thorough checklist for building a successful food truck business, led by Industry pioneer and Norcal SBDC advisor, Gail Lillian.. We’ll cover everything from choosing a truck and getting permitted, to creating an engaging customer experience to drive loyalty.
How the Rubber Meets the Road
Meet the instructor

Gail Lillian

Gail Lillian is a serial entrepreneur and business consultant based in Oakland, CA. She earned international acclaim as the founder of Liba, a falafel bar in Oakland CA. Liba began as a food truck in 2009 - a pioneer in the new industry - and expanded to a brick and mortar restaurant in 2014, which she operated until 2020.

She is a Leadership Facilitator for the Stanford Graduate School of Business’ famed Interpersonal Dynamics class, and has served as a Mediator since 2007, facilitating conflict resolution in corporate and community settings. Gail has taught Business Management at Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and is a Keynote Speaker, panelist, and subject matter expert on restaurant operations, company culture, and leadership.

She is proud to support small business entrepreneurs through her consulting work with SBDC, and in her consulting practice at intent2impact.com.

Gail Lillian - Course author